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MACH Architecture

MACH Architecture

MACH stands for micro-services, API-first, cloud-native, and headless. The MACH architecture is intended to future-proof enterprise technology and propel current and future digital experiences.

Platforms like Stackbit leverage MACH platform technology and tools and enables teams to assemble their tech stack and composable experiences. Stackbit is dedicated to bringing together developers and code, content operators and content/assets, and designers and components/templates.

DXC Conceptual Diagram

”Stackbit is in this great place where marketers think it's marketers-first and developers think it's developer-first. Everyone is finally happy.”

Andy Choquette - VP of Tech @ AboduAlt text of the image
Andy Choquette
VP of Tech @ Abodu

”Stackbit eased my tensions of moving to a headless CMS (Contentful). Everything that our dev team has built will be super easy to go into and use, and I can see so many more people on our marketing team benefiting from this.”

Alexander York - Senior Content Manager @ ClickUpAlt text of the image
Alexander York
Senior Content Manager @ ClickUp
Award winning enterprises trust Stackbit
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Headless, DXC, MACH, Composable... Site Builder?

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MACH assembly Benefits

A clear business case for MACH

Increased efficiency

No more navigating complex forms, content models, and schemas. Edit in context, naturally.
  • Make changes, iterations, and variations, in minutes, not months.
  • Identify the content you'd like to edit on-screen, click, type, and that's it
  • All content is sent back to headless source via APIs, ensuring authoring and editing are fast

Faster time to market

Help your clients create experiences fast from your implemented templates, presets, and component library.
  • One file configuration to unlock real-time previews.
  • Make code changes, and preview in real-time.
  • Edit content in Stackbit or headless source and preview in real-time.

Cost containment

Stackbit maximizes the investments in a composable headless stack for a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Shave 80% of the total licence fee (OPEX) from legacy DXP offerings
  • More budget for services projects (CAPEX)
  • Make your client the hero with more efficient and effective project delivery
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Glossary & Resources

A quick glossary of important concepts and terms related to modern websites and apps.


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