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Migrate from to Stackbit

Migrate from to Stackbit

With's end of life in April 22nd 2023, many companies choose to upgrade to Stackbit instead of migrating to TinaCMS or other solutions. Stackbit has no vendor lock-in and increases your site's and team's efficiency with less effort.
Migrate from to Stackbit

”The integration with Stackbit was straightforward and super simple. Other companies told us we had to write adapters or wrap their code around our components and register them. With Stackbit it was just adding one file and a few doze lines of code.”

Jordan Raffoul - Developer Tech Lead @ TelusAlt text of the image
Jordan Raffoul
Developer Tech Lead @ Telus

”Stackbit is in this great place where marketers think it's marketers-first and developers think it's developer-first. Everyone is finally happy.”

Andy Choquette - VP of Tech @ AboduAlt text of the image
Andy Choquette
VP of Tech @ Abodu

How Stackbit helps you drive impact