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Migrate from to Stackbit

Migrate from to Stackbit is an all-in-one wall-gardened site builder coupled with a CMS, generally better suited while your team is small and has low traffic. As teams and traffic grow, and practice modern engineering with marketing, content ops and design will prefer to graduate to an open and flexible architecture.

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‚ÄĚThe integration with Stackbit was straightforward and super simple. Other companies told us we had to write adapters or wrap their code around our components and register them. With Stackbit it was just adding one file and a few doze lines of code.‚ÄĚ

Developer Tech Lead @ TelusTelus Logo
Jordan Raffoul
Developer Tech Lead @ Telus

‚ÄĚWith Stackbit, we are able to implement whatever functionality our customers and our teams need without any limitations.‚ÄĚ

Frontend Developer @ WellsterTakeda logo
Edwin Repp
Frontend Developer @ Wellster Health

Info session: learn about migration

What to expect after migrating?

Complete freedom to work with the tools and frameworks you prefer, without needing to adhere to specific frameworks or extra API calls. Finally, deploy to any cloud provider of your choice, integrate with any 3rd party and utilize any content source directly (headless CMS, legacy databases, flat files, Figma and more). With no vendor lock-in or dependencies, you can make the right choices for your team, save costs and drive impact.

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Migration overview

1. How much effort is this going to take?

2. Can I gradually migrate or do I have to do it all at once?

3. Does this migration require development skills?

4. Do I have to restructure my content?

5. Do I have to rebuild the site?

6. Is vendor lock-in a thing to worry about after the migration?

Ready to migrate?

Technical Migration Guide

The fastest way to move off of and onto open architecture with Stackbit.
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A brief review

Glossary & Resources

A quick glossary of important concepts and terms related to modern websites and apps.


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