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🎉 Stackbit acquired by Netlify

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Stackbit acquired by Netlify: Revolutionizing Enterprise Website Building and Management

We are thrilled to announce that Stackbit, a pioneer in visual editing for large enterprise websites and applications, has been acquired by Netlify, the leading web development platform for the enterprise. This acquisition marks an exciting milestone in our journey and together we’re now able to offer a complete composable solution for Enterprise websites.

We founded Stackbit when we witnessed a market gap: composable technologies were emerging but lacking a visual editing interface, resulting in limited adoption, with only tech-savvy people able to build composable websites. Today, as composable is taking over the enterprise website world, we are proud to see Stackbit leading the market in visual editing capabilities over any composable stack.

Our product has gained significant traction in the market, more than doubling sales year over year, surpassing our goals, and enabling developers to focus on creating amazing digital experiences, like websites and applications, that their marketers and business teams can work on independently, to achieve business impact.

Existing Stackbit customers will see product development pace pick up and a team fully committed to their continued success.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our team, customers, partners, and investors who have supported us on our journey thus far. Together, we have built something remarkable, and we are eager to take it to new heights with the support of Netlify.

True to our values, we’re keeping this announcement short and are going right back to building the tools that will help this entire ecosystem grow and flourish.

Please contact us for more information about this acquisition, or about how we can help your teams that create for the web be more efficient, reduce costs, and drive impact.

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