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Platform updates

Legacy Changelog

All product updates will now appear in Netlify's Changelog

New feature: Tree views
New Feature

New Content Tree View

Thew new content Tree View allows teams to not only navigate content by type (page, section, button, etc.) but also by a customized representation of the site content. A tree view can be added using the treeViews property.


Localization UX improvements

This update introduces improvements in the UX to edit localized content. Object creation and edition will now look different depending on the chosen localization strategy: document level localization or field-spcific.

New feature: Studio extensibility, custom actions
New Feature

Studio Extensibility: Custom Actions

Studio Extensibility features like Custom Actions create the ability to perform site and content tasks in a single location. Two new types have been introduced:

  • Document actions (single or bulk)

  • Global actions

New feature - Aprimo integration
New Feature

Aprimo Integration

Asset management by Aprimo is now seamlessly integrated into Stackbit’s visual editing experience. Note that this requires having an Aprimo account and is currently only available on paid Stackbit plans.

New Feature: Document Status Labels
New Feature

Document Status Labels

Document status labels provide a quick visual representation of the state of content. Supported statuses are new, changed, and published.

Improvement: Support for tables in markdown fields

Support for tables in markdown fields

This change introduces support for tables in markdown fields. Markdown fields have their own rich text editor in Stackbit.

Improvement: Support for cross-functional teams

Support for cross-functional teams

We're introducing default project roles for users in Stackbit. With this change, it is now possible to give access to a cross-functional team to a project where every team member will just get added with their default project role as opposed to everyone in the same team having to be added with the same role.

Improvement: Enhanced support for DatoCMS

Enhanced support for DatoCMS

Stackbit has first-class support for two-way syncing content between DatoCMS and the Stackbit visual editor. Enhancements in this release include:

  • Publish per page and per object

  • Documentation examples