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New feature: Programmable sidebar
New feature

Studio Extensibility: Adding Sidebar Buttons

It is now possible to add shortcut buttons to the sidebar, linking to on-site and external content.

Features like the programmable sidebar make it possible to implement an editing experience that matches your team's existing collaboration workflows.

Storybook to Stackbit addon
New feature

Storybook to Stackbit addon

A new Storybook add-on enables you to generate Stackbit models and presets from your components and stories, which can then be added to your Stackbit project. This is useful for scaffolding model definitions and presets in a new project, based on your existing Storybook stories.

Content filters in search
New feature

Content filters when searching

It is now possible to filter content by field (e.g. filter all posts by tag) when creating, editing, or reusing content in Stackbit.

SSO directory sync

SSO directory synchronization

Synchronization between the Identity Provider directory and Stackbit is now automatic for organizations using SSO, making it easier for employees to login into Stackbit.

Search in re-used components view

Search in reused components sources

When referencing the same content object from tens or hundreds of pages and components, it became difficult to find an exact source for one particular reference. To improve that experience, we added searching capabilities within the list of reference locations.

Support for thumbnails in enum field types

Support for thumbnails in enum field types

This control is useful for selecting between options that can benefit from having a visual representation for each item. For example, a field that controls the layout for a component is often easier to represent visually using thumbnail images.

New components tab
New feature

New Components Presets Tab

All component presets — built-in presets and those you have defined — are now consolidated in a single location. Click the Content Presets tab to see all presets for your project.

Stackbit component presets tab

New UI selectors for text styles
New feature

New component controls for text styles

The following component text styles are now supported in the UI: fontSize, fontWeight, textAlign, fontSize.

A teardrop icon on the text field should appear when a styles field is added to a content model. These style controls enable collaborators to change style values (stored as content) through the visual editor.

Disabling Managed Hosting
New feature

Disabling Managed Hosting

You can now opt out of managed hosting at any time. This is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Hosting on a platform of your choice
  • Maintaining full control over your hosting/deployment solution
  • Working on your site before publishing it to the Internet
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