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Visual editing for everyone

Visual editing for everyone

With Stackbit, you can do inline content editing like updating text, uploading images and styling buttons — instantly previewing your work as you go. If you’re a content editor, you don’t need a developer to publish your page, or even set up SEO and social media sharing parameters — it’s all simple and easy to do yourself.

Easy integration with your site

Easy integration with your site

Setting up Stackbit is simple: No code changes to make, new dependencies to add, or SDKs to integrate. Editors can work on pre-defined components, so your pages won’t break from ongoing content updates. Your site remains lightning-fast and readily available, while content editing becomes a breeze.

Keep your stack intact

Keep your stack intact

Stackbit isn’t a walled garden and here you'll never be confined to a monolithic "system." Our editor works with content platforms like Contentful and — from API-based CMS to flat MD files — so your tools are kept in sync under the hood. This way, you can keep your existing framework and enjoy the editing experience on top of it.


Does it work with any pre-existing Jamstack site?

Yes, we support sites generated with Next.js, Gatsby, Eleventy, Hugo, Gridsome, Jekyll, Hexo, Nuxt, VuePress, Sapper; sites using GitHub as a flat data store; sites using content platforms like Contentful, Sanity and more coming soon.

What sites doesn't it support?

We support modern websites typically built by developers so proprietary walled-gardens like Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, etc are not supported.

Do I need to change a lot of code, maintain a new integration or add new dependencies?

Editing a website with Stackbit introduces no new dependencies or lock-in and typically requires little to no code changes.

I want to use Stackbit but I don't have a Jamstack website yet

We recommend visiting where you can find thousands of starters and themes to kickstart a Jamstack website that you can then edit with Stackbit.

Is it similar to WordPress?

Yes, but no. It's actually simpler, more like Medium. Point. Click. Edit. Share and collaborate.

Do I have to learn any new technology to use Stackbit?!

No, editing websites in Stackbit is intuitive and accessible for non-technical audiences.

Is this a page builder?

Oh gosh no. It's simple. Only meant to edit content. We know you're not a designer and we don't want you to be one.

Is this a Headless CMS?

No. Headless CMS' let developers manage structured content schemas, fill content forms and deliver content APIs. Stackbit is the best editing experience for Jamstack sites and doesn't store your content. We read/write to/from Contentful, Sanity (more to come) as well as git repos. Structured content is for developers, Stackbit is for editors.