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“Stackbit is a visual editor for your site, regardless of the tech choices behind it - a rather amazing thing to see work.”

Chris Coyier, CSS Tricks

Chris Coyier

Check out Chris interviewing our CEO, Ohad

Visual coding environment

Code editing with live previews

Whether you like to develop on the cloud or set up a local environment, you can always use our code editor to make on-the-fly fixes and visual enhancements. Your edits appear instantly in preview, and you can select any visual element to locate it in the code without sifting through content libraries.

Structured content

For data-driven websites

Separate your code from your content, allowing you to edit your schema as you add new components to your site. Good content models empower great editing experiences for your stakeholders as well.

Instant previews

Visually edit content inline

Edit texts, replace images, swap layouts and add sections — as soon as you make changes on the page, your code will adjust accordingly.