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What Stackbit Is and How It Works

What is Stackbit?

Stackbit is a visual editor that works on any tech stack with no restrictions or production dependencies, enabling business users to manage your site in a developer-defined no-code environment.

Let's see how it works.

install STACKBIT

Start with your local codebase

After running your development server, install the Stackbit application, run the Stackbit dev server in your local environment, and click the Stackbit dev server link.

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live preview

Your preview is ready

In your browser, you’ll now see your entire website running in Stackbit. The preview? It's simply an iframe pointing to your dev server.

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Content Source Interface

Now connect your content sources

Import your content source's module from NPM and instantiate your content source using its environment variables. Stackbit will now fetch your content and content models, which can be seen and edited in the side panel.

Do you have a custom content source? No problem. You can create your own content source module.

a cloud project

Next create your
cloud project

Use our Wizard to create your cloud project. Once created, a cloud project works just like a local project but in a remote environment.

You can configure this remote environment as needed or even manage it completely with an Enterprise plan.

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Onboard authors

Invite your authors to
the cloud project

After accepting the invite, your authors will authenticate with your content source. When your authors are editing in Stackbit the governance set in your content source will work as expected.

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form-based editing

Organize your content types' fields in the side panel into tabs, give fields visual context, and further extend the editing experience using the modelExtensions property.

Once ready locally, push to your remote Git provider and your cloud project will automatically pull the changes.

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visual editing

Configure visual editing

Unlock inline editing, visual page and component template libraries, and additional editing capabilities for your authors by setting special data attributes on your elements.You can use utility functions to implement the data attributes in a scalable way.

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Publish to any destination

When authors are ready to publish their edits, it's as simple as clicking the Publish button. Stackbit publishes the documents in your content source, so you're still in control of your build process.

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