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Next level commerce with Stackbit and Shopify

Visual editing of the end-to-end experience

Modern e-commerce means a fast and polished look & feel, seamless blending of content with product offerings, and strong personalization.

The tech stack powering all that is composable: Headless Shopify, Headless CMS, and web frameworks such as Shopify's Hydrogen. Build your stack with best-of-breed tools for each function.

However: unified, live editing remained unsolved.

Stackbit is bridging this gap, enabling you to edit all content sources in one place, with a live preview. Manage store data just as easily as content & visuals. Then add personalization, search and media management.

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Info session: Stackbit + Shopify

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Glossary & Resources

A quick glossary of important concepts and terms related to modern websites and apps.


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