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Bring your tools forward,
make better decisions,
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All data & tools to optimize your site should be directly in front of your team, not hidden away across multiple tabs and screens.

Bring your tools to the front

Here is a selection of pre-built integrations. Use as-is, extend the code, customize, or build your own - for a truly tailor-made experience platform.

Personalize, Visually

Create & edit personalized experiences and A/B tests, directly on the page.

Classic personalization tools unlocked marketers - but had trouble with 3rd party scripts, cookies, latency, and flicker. Modern tools tackle the technicalities, but often have a painful UX.

With Stackbit, you get the benefits of both. Works with Ninetailed or your vendor.

Optimize with SEO insights

Get SEO insights, issues and warnings, and preview how your site appears in search & social.

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