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Platform updates

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Publishing granularity

Publishing granularity

This change introduces the ability to publish individual content entries by themselves or as a subset of pending changes, while leaving other pending changes unpublished:

  • Select/unselect entries you wish to publish within the same page (and a shortcut to only select objects where I have made changes)
  • Selected changes are validated before publishing
  • Publishing is prevented if there are errors in the selected entries
  • Warnings are shown when trying to publish entries with unpublished parent/children
Markdown editor improvements

Markdown editor improvements

The update includes:

  • Superscript and subscript support
  • Text-alignment support
  • Bug fixes
Localization new feature
New feature

Localized content visual editing

This change allows teams to visually edit localized content in Stackbit. Main functionality includes:

  • Switching between locales
  • Managing access to locales with roles and permissions
  • Creating new content in one or multiple locales
New feature : Topbar Notifications
New feature

Devex: Topbar notifications

We made getting started with Stackbit even easier by providing notifications in the visual editor when your project has not completed a required step. This will help you get up and running faster by pointing you directly to the area in the documentation that will help to solve the problem.

Improvement: Remote presets

Remote presets

This change introduces the ability for presets to be stored in a remote content source when using a content source defined with the contentSources property.

Improvement: Publishing individual documents

Publishing individual documents

This change introduces the ability to publish individual documents, while leaving other pending changes unpublished.

Previously, this capability was exclusive to pages, but has been extended to individual documents. For example, you may want to change the name of a blog post author, while leaving the rest of the content of the site in its current state.

New feature: Publishing visibility
New feature

Publishing visibility

We've introduced avatars for each member of your team, providing a clear visual representation of who made each change. These are automatically applied to anyone who is part of your team and works on the visual editor. This more clearly shows who has made pending content changes.

New feature: Save page as preset
New feature

Save page as preset

The save as preset feature has been extended to include pages, not just individual components.

New feature: Programmable sidebar
New feature

Studio Extensibility: Adding Sidebar Buttons

It is now possible to add shortcut buttons to the sidebar, linking to on-site and external content.

Features like the programmable sidebar make it possible to implement an editing experience that matches your team's existing collaboration workflows.

Storybook to Stackbit addon
New feature

Storybook to Stackbit addon

A new Storybook add-on enables you to generate Stackbit models and presets from your components and stories, which can then be added to your Stackbit project. This is useful for scaffolding model definitions and presets in a new project, based on your existing Storybook stories.