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Improvement - new checkbox control type

New checkbox control type for lists with enums

When using a list field where the individual items where of the enum type, they would appear as dropdowns. You can now use a checkbox control for a better editing experience.

New feature - Automatic Content Reload
New feature

Automatic Content Reload

Whenever a content editor makes a change, everyone who's currently working on the same Stackbit workspace should immediately see this change. Up until now, installing packages and adding non-trivial code on both the server- and client-side was required in order for this to properly work.

New feature - fieldGroup icons and icon library
New feature

Add custom icons to field groups

It is now possible to add icons to each group specified in a model's fieldGroups property. We've provided a library of icons to streamline this process.

New feature - Reused content
New feature

Indications for reused references

You'll now see see a visual indication when an object is referenced from multiple documents (pages or data objects). This also affects the modal shown when creating a new referenced object.

New feature - Content filtered projects
New feature

Enhanced access control through content-filtered workspaces

Organizations storing content for different teams or parts of a website (e.g. marketing and customer service) in a single content space can now split up the content across different Stackbit workspaces for better access control.

This is currently only available for Sanity.

New feature - Cloudinary integration
New feature

Cloudinary Integration

Asset management by Cloudinary is now seamlessly integrated into Stackbit’s visual editing experience. Note that this requires having a Cloudinary account and is currently only available on paid Stackbit plans

Documentation: Cloudinary

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