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New feature: Programmable publish button
New feature

Programmable Publish Button

It is now possible to configure the behavior of the ‘Publish’ button in Stackbit:

  • Change the working branch (this is the GitHub branch used to render the preview in Stackbit)
  • Change the main action from merging branches to submitting Pull Requests
New feature - Restart container button
New feature

Restart Container Button

New button in workspace settings to restart the container when needed. This action is sometimes needed when installing new packages or making changes to your app.

Improved support for Sanity

Improved support for Sanity

Improved support for Stackbit workspace using Sanity as a content source includes support for annotations, content presets, and basic publishing workflows.

Typescript Example

Typescript Example

New Stackbit example using Typescript. This is a minimal starting point for the new Stackbit workspaces. It is built with Next.js, TypeScript, and MUI, and is equipped with visual editing capabilities using Stackbit.

New feature
New feature

Local Development

It is now possible to access Stackbit's visual editor without having to create a workspace. Previously, when working locally with Stackbit, local changes had to be pushed to the branch used by Stackbit to be previewed.


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