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Platform updates

Legacy Changelog

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New feature - Cloudinary integration
New feature

Cloudinary Integration

Asset management by Cloudinary is now seamlessly integrated into Stackbit’s visual editing experience. Note that this requires having a Cloudinary account and is currently only available on paid Stackbit plans

Documentation: Cloudinary
Improvement - Better context for nested objects

Better context for nested objects

New visual tree in the highlights to help editors navigate the object tree and avoid losing context while editing.

Improvement - Publish per page, support for Sanity

Publish-per-page support for Sanity

Stackbit workspaces using Sanity as the content source can now publish code and content changes separately. This also adds the ability to publish content changes atomically by page.

Improvements to add and edit empty objects

Improvements to add and edit empty objects

Adding an object now automatically opens its fields on the sidebar, while the preview focuses on that object (even if empty), so its content can be added. Previously, it was easier to miss that elements were on a page because the object was not shown by default.

New feature - Save as preset
New feature

Save as Preset

Store existing content as a template to be reused in other sections and pages on your site, speeding up both development and content editing.

Improvement: model names visibility

Model names visibility

The name of the model type is now shown next to the object's name to help identify and navigate nested objects.

New feature - SSO for enterprises
New feature

SSO for Enterprises

Organizations with single-sign on can now use their company credentials to log into Stackbit. This feature is only available for Enterprise accounts.

New feature: Programmable publish button
New feature

Programmable Publish Button

It is now possible to configure the behavior of the ‘Publish’ button in Stackbit:

  • Change the working branch (this is the GitHub branch used to render the preview in Stackbit)
  • Change the main action from merging branches to submitting Pull Requests
New feature - Restart container button
New feature

Restart Container Button

New button in workspace settings to restart the container when needed. This action is sometimes needed when installing new packages or making changes to your app.