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Building the modern web

Websites are the building blocks of the internet and many millions of new ones are created every year. The way we create and engineer websites is changing thanks to the constant evolution of tools, best practices and needs. We're seeing websites being statically generated, served from CDNs, edited using Headless CMSs and wired up with a myriad of developer workflows. New ideas like the JAMstack, Serverless computing and GitOps enable us to create more performant and secure websites.

One side effect of new, raw technologies is that they can increase the level of expertise required to get the job done. We recognize this gap between the available technologies and the needs of professionals as the product gap. At Stackbit our mission is to solve this gap - We're creating technology, products and services to help professionals "Get Websites Done".

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Stackbit was founded in late 2018 by a team of serial entrepreneurs and is backed by top tier VCs. We maintain a small HQ in San-Francisco and our team is fully distributed around the world.

Founded in 2018 by a team of serial entrepreneurs
Funded by top-tier VCs & Angels
A lean and tight team
HQ in San Francisco with a remote team around the world
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Open Positions

We update this section regularly as positions open and close. If you're excited about what we're doing but don't see an open role that fits your particular skill set don't think twice before pinging us.

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