Visually edit your Contentful powered website.

Stackbit works seamlessly with Contentful to provide a visual editing and preview experience nontechnical professionals love.

Add visual editing right on your page, fully synced with Contentful.

Contentful is amazing for content organization, but it's hard to edit web pages without seeing the context in which the content appears. Stackbit allows you to edit visually on the page itself, while keeping Contentful fully synchronized.

No changes to your engineering stack.

Your engineers don't need to change the existing setup of your project. Editing your site with Stackbit also doesn't interfere with any of the existing engineering workflows and creates absolutely no lock-in.

Superior collaboration with shareable live previews.

Stackbit allows you to always see a preview of the latest changes, share them with other stakeholders and even submit changes for approval.

Spin up infinite websites wired to your Contentful space.

Use Stackbit's Site Builder to create endless websites that have a visual editing experience without any massive overhauls to your Contentful space.