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Digital teams using Contentful are 7-10x faster with Stackbit

Digital teams using Contentful
are 7-10x faster with Stackbit

”Before Stackbit we would spend weeks training Contentful Specialists to manage content tickets. Now we have large marketing departments (500 authors) that learn about Stackbit in a 5-minute video and are building new pages immediately afterward.”

Nika Karliuchenko - Product Manager @ TELUSTelus logo
Nika Karliuchenko
Product Manager @ TELUS

”Stackbit eased my tensions of moving to a headless CMS (Contentful). Everything that our dev team has built will be super easy to go into and use, and I can see so many more people on our marketing team benefiting from this.”

Alexander YorkAlt text of the image
Alexander York
Senior Content Manager @ ClickUp
Award winning enterprises trust Stackbit
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Developers + Designers

Develop locally, preview and test in Stackbit

Import from your GitHub repo and run a full development container powered by Stackbit.

  • Bring your design system, web framework and components.

  • Fully develop & test locally with Local Development mode. Deploy anywhere.

  • No new dependencies or APIs to call in your production site.

Developers + Marketing + Content Ops

Preview content and code changes faster, together

All it takes is one config file included in your codebase to see and edit content from Contentful on screen, just like your end users would.

  • One file configuration to unlock real-time previews.

  • Make code changes, and preview in real-time.

  • Edit content in Stackbit or Contentful and preview in real-time.

Stackbit always sends changes back to the system of record for code and content, so rest assured there are never any data sync issues.

Marketing + Content Ops

Edit fast, on-the-glass

Make changes, iterations, and variations, in minutes not months.

  • Identify the content you'd like to edit on-screen, click, type, and that's it

  • All content is sent back to Contentful via APIs, ensuring authoring and editing is fast

No more navigating complex forms, content models, and schemas. Edit in context, naturally.


Create pages from amazing template

Developers and designers can setup ready-to-go templates, accelerating page creation 10x.

  • Launch product and campaign pages fast

  • Ensure best practices for design, conversion, and SEO are part of the template

Marketing and content ops have full autonomy to launch without developer dependency.

Marketing + Content Ops

Reuse blocks across your website

Create visually stunning reusable blocks of content, imagery, design, and code.

  • Click to add existing or create from new and view your full catalogue of components

  • Components are powered by content types in Contentful

  • Re-use presets one-to-many times across your website

No more copy-pasting or problems with duplicating efforts.


Add Stackbit to your Contentful website in 3 minutes

Stackbit + Contentful FAQs

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