A website editor teams love. Added to your Jamstack website in minutes.

Stackbit empowers marketers to manage your Jamstack website with the tools they love without any developer overhead.

A CMS is for developers. Stackbit is for editors.

Your edits in Stackbit sync with your CMS so you can edit onsite while your developers can manage your content model without changing anything.

Publishing permissions means happier teams.

Don't overwhelm developers with trivial requests. Assign publisher and editor roles, write drafts and only publish what's ready, and schedule when you want changes to go live right from Stackbit.

Review your work in real-time with Stackbit, instead of asking your developers to build and maintain one.

A live preview is a pain for developers to build and maintain. Review your work on a real-time preview that's ready out of the box.

Implement SEO best practices without needing an expert.

Don't depend on a developer to optimize your pages for search engines and social sites. Add meta titles and descriptions, alt image tags, social tags, and more right from Stackbit.

How to get started

  • Keep my existing site

    If your site uses the Jamstack already, simply import your site here. If not, no worries. Schedule a call and we'll help make the transition easy.

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  • Build a new site

    If you want to get a site up quickly, pick from one of our themes, click Create Site, and start editing. If you're looking to build a custom site, but are unsure where to start, schedule a call and we'll help you get started.

    Schedule a call