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Weekly Update #1: Webinars & Programmable Sidebars

We love JavaScript SO MUCH that it's time to break up with YAML!

DXC Webinar

We recently hosted a webinar to learn more about DXC and how businesses can benefit from it. In this webinar, Nika, a product manager at TELUS, joined us to share how they can manage hundreds of pages using Stackbit. Check it out to learn more about this trending topic, DXC, and see how enterprises use Stackbit.

Watch the DXC webinar.

Strapi Webinar 

This webinar is for you if you’re already using Strapi and wish to easily add a visual editing layer for your non-technical stakeholders or if you’re considering re-platforming and looking for a replacement for your monolithic CMS / DXP. The combination of Strapi and Stackbit allows developers to continue working on their preferred stack with a single file integration and no extra dependencies. This also allows marketing teams to have an intuitive editing and publishing interface on top of that.

Watch the Strapi webinar.

How Would You Build Twitter Today?

Twitter's tech stack today is a huge beast, so any attempt at a quick "Can't you just use X to solve problem Y at Twitter scale?" risks being pretentious and ignorant. Many engineers spent years making the critical pieces scalable and fault-tolerant. This is the main reason why the service is still online today. Learn more from our Developer Growth expert, Elad, who has years of experience in high-scale serving, and his take on it.

Read the Twitter blog post.

How To Overcome The Limitations Of Component Code Generators?

Our CTO, Simon, agrees that collaboration between design, development, and marketing leads to the most productive results when done right. But it’s really difficult to achieve. He shares with us in his latest blog post how he has been able to do this.

Read the How To Overcome The Limitations Of Component Code Generators blog post.

JavaScript Configuration File Updates

Recently, we introduced the ability to use JavaScript confirmation files. This is the foundation for many upcoming features that will continue to push the customizability of Stackbit's visual editing experience.

While YAML configuration is still supported (for a limited time), we recommend upgrading to prepare for the new wave of power coming to Stackbit. (We'll talk more about one of these great features next week.)

See the full configuration reference for more information.

New Feature: How To Implement The Programmable Sidebar?

Stackbit became even more flexible with the addition of the programmable sidebar, which enables developers to add custom actions to the left sidebar in our visual editor application.

This also replaces the styleObjectModelName property (used for global styles) with more powerful and customizable functionality.

Read the docs or watch the demo.