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A website editor clients love. Added to your Jamstack site in minutes.

Stackbit empowers agencies to handoff custom Jamstack websites with an editing experience nontechnical clients love without any extra developer overhead.

A live preview ready out of the box.

Enable clients to review changes on a real-time preview instead of in production.

Inline editing synced with your CMS.

Make it easy for nontechnical clients to update their site with a familiar inline editing experience.

Publishing permissions for happy clients and teams.

Assign publisher and editor roles so clients don't break their site nor overwhelm your team with trivial requests.

Upmarket features ready instantly.

Equip your clients with advanced tools like A/B testing, SEO, and more so you never get left behind as your clients grow.

Your custom Jamstack site wired up in 1 minute.

Connect your custom websites' Jamstack tools together in 1 minute — CMS, hosting, private Github repo, along with amazing features.

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