Update enterprise websites
in minutes, not months

Stackbit is the only enterprise website platform that empowers marketers to work independently while fully respecting your design system and composable headless stack.

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npx create-stackbit-playground
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KEy benefits

Add visual editing to your stack

For developers

Works with any stack
Bring your own web framework, CSS tooling, CI/CD workflows, etc.
Easily enable visual editing
Just plain HTML attributes. No libraries or API calls. No proprietary black-box components.
Work locally
We don’t affect your production website or add another point of failure. Content editors work with a live site preview that we host, while you develop locally.
Fully configurable
You specify your content source(s) through our advanced Content Source Interface. We read your content and respect your schema.
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How Stackbit works

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Friendly editing
Approved by engineering

🗽 creative freedom

Visually unlimited

With Stackbit, content creators can edit enterprise websites visually — like a no-code solution, but without their limitations.
Visually unlimited
🚜 rapid content creation

Change content, preview instantly

No more working in the dark. With Stackbit, content creators make rapid content changes and immediately see a live preview in context.
Change content, preview instantly

Your design system, your components

Your site’s building blocks, all in one place. Define them as turnkey pages, flexible grids, or individual component sections. Then leverage our "save as preset" feature to build pages from predefined content at light speed.
Your design system, your components
💪Edit with confidence

Customizable editing guardrails

Designers and engineers define which editing capabilitites each component gets, so everyone can create and edit as they wish, without the fear of breaking.
Customizable editing guardrails

Try it yourself

TypeScript Starter

Type-safe code and a dynamic layout with configurable sections, header and footer. Using MUI v5 components.

Next.jsTypeScriptMUIGit content
Next.js iconMaterial UI iconGit content
Get Started
npx create-stackbit-app --starter ts-nextjs

JavaScript Starter

The quickest way to spin up a new Stackbit-enabled website on a modern stack. Then, follow our tutorial to learn more.

Next.jsVanilla CSSGit content
Next.js iconCSSGit content
Get Started
npx create-stackbit-app

Contentful CMS Starter

Simple Stackbit + Contentful starter with a content model and sample content.

Next.jsVanilla CSSContentful
Next.js iconCSSContentful icon
npx create-stackbit-app --starter contentful