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Jamstack is the future.
Stackbit, is how you get there.

The web is evolving quickly. In a fragmented Jamstack environment, developers struggle to glue products together when trying out the latest tech. Stackbit connects the best tools on the market, and helps them play together.

To start, pick a theme and make it your own, or upgrade your existing site — either way you'll go live in minutes. From there, Stackbit Studio helps you style your page, do inline editing and manage your content. It's easier than you think!

User experience makes confident creators

Stackbit is the first, complete platform for the Jamstack. We bring the latest technologies under one roof and control them from one central place, making Jamstack truly accessible for the first time.

Developers can build and maintain advanced sites, while marketers get to keep their favorite capabilities, minus the outdated ecosystems. Styling, publishing, inline content editing — Jamstack is now as user friendly as it gets.

Your site, your way.

Stackbit isn’t a walled garden and here you'll never be married to a "system." We believe that the web should be open, and respect the choices you make when building a website. That's why we help you set up and manage your tech, but steer clear of your critical path. Jamstack sites are the fastest, most secure ones the web, and Stackbit opens the door and makes this architecture available to all.

You can bring your framework and Headless CMS or choose from the best available tools, and gain access to features you wouldn’t otherwise — whatever helps you make the web, better.

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