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At Stackbit we believe there's a better way for web teams to collaborate–while still giving everyone an unlimited choice of tools and environment. We're devoted to bringing design and development closer than ever with NEW unique features for designers that every dev team will approve.

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Your Figma file is now editable on your site. That's good news!

Stackbit empowers design teams to maintain and control their design system and components–with almost no dependencies on engineering.

You can build guardrails that work.

Don’t let content editors break the design. With Stackbit, designers have the power to define granular editing permissions for every object on your site.

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Build once–reuse everywhere.

Once you implement your components in Stackbit, content editors and other designers can easily use and remix them–all without engineering support.
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Developers work locally, designers edit visually, live!

With Stackbit, your dev team will empowers designers and marketers to edit websites visually and live, without being blocked, without waiting on approvals, and without needing to comprimize — no design limitations, and no famework lock-ins for developers.

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Enterprise websites are complicated!

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