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Stackbit pricing

All our plans include an intuitive on-the-page visual editor that supports any front-end framework and headless CMS or content source.  Your code and content is always your own. Stackbit doesn't add any extra dependencies or create any vendor lock-in, and of course, we have no pageview or bandwidth limits.


Best for learning, experimentation, evaluation and personal usage.
  • 1  project, sleeps after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Single user
  • Any headless CMS
  • Click-to-save up to 2 component or page templates
  • Free developer starters
  • Community support


For companies looking to drive real business impact through their websites.
  • 1 project, never sleeps
  • 6 users w/roles included
  • Any headless CMS
  • Click-to-save up to 200 component or page templates
  • Robust starter with built-in components
  • Custom domain mapping
  • Advanced publishing controls
  • Organization management
  • Internationalization
  • Email technical support – up to 12h


For multi-brand, multi-site, multi-national enterprise use cases.
  • Unlimited advanced projects
  • Unlimited users with custom roles and permissions
  • Unlimited content sources
  • Unlimited component or page templates
  • Spin up new sites from org-wide themes and components in seconds.
  • Fully customizable UI & workflows
  • SSO, SLA, and audit logs
  • Premium support

Evaluation plan

New to the headless world, and need help architecting your composable tech-stack? We can help!

  • Up to 10 full-featured evaluation projects

  • Weekly 1h meetings with our top solution engineers and experts

  • Vendor comparison data and insights (we know and support them all)

  • All samples and resources made available

  • Premium support

  • LIMITED availability and only up to 6 months.