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The X-Factor Website – a Methodology

The X Factor Website Manifesto
The X Factor Website provides the principles for building websites that can easily and quickly scale across any organization's digital needs.

The Stackbit team has been directly involved in the development of hundreds of websites. We have developed, operated, and scaled global sites serving billions of visitors. We're proud to distill our lessons in today's manifesto The X Factor Website.

We affirm ideal practices for website development that drive maximum impact in the shortest time.

We illustrate how stakeholders in engineering, marketing, content, and design can collaborate better through modern architecture.

We show how leading organizations create and maintain robust and extensible architectures. We demonstrate how these systems provide tremendous advantages over legacy monolithic software approaches.

Our goal: to raise awareness of the systemic problems we’ve seen in website development, to provide bold solutions that have been proven to work, and to guide you there step-by-step.

Read The X Factor Website to learn how to turn your website from a time-consuming, expensive headache into a future-proofed asset that compounds in value over time.