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Weekly Update #2: How Healthy Is Your Website?

Performance, permissions, and public learning ... OH MY!

What Are The Benefits Of A Headless CMS?

We are hosting an upcoming webinar with our friends at DatoCMS on January 12th. Join us to learn more about the benefits of a headless CMS like DatoCMS. Using a headless CMS is a huge step forward in separating the code from the content and allowing each to be updated separately. Adding Stackbit as an editing "head" allows marketers and business people to intuitively edit visually in-place, on top of any custom setup with a single config file and no added dependencies.

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How Healthy Is Your Website? Website Health Checker Tool

We are passionate about replatforming and making your website modular and composable. That is why we decided to build this website health checkup tool. This is a very useful tool for not only checking the speed and health of your website but also understanding what could be improved on your website.

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Upcoming CFE Meetup: How To Overcome The Challenges Of A Modern CMS

We will be hosting a meetup at CFE on January 11th. In this talk, we will touch on common challenges with content-driven architecture, and how to create a system that balances both flexibility and productivity. If you or your content team hates your CMS, this is the talk for you, as you’ll leave inspired to breathe new life into your content authoring experience.

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Teams And User Access Control

We offer a lot of flexibility around user permissions and roles for your organization's project. We dive into this and explain how you can manage user permissions in our newly released documentation.

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Content Source Interface (CSI) Explained

We dive deeper into what is Content Source Interface and how to start implementing it. Stackbit's Content Source Interface provides a two-way syncing mechanism between the content source(s) and Stackbit's visual editor.While some modules are supported natively by Stackbit, you can use this API reference to bring your own content source to Stackbit.

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New Series Alert: Learning In Public

We have started a new weekly series where we will dive into Stackbit features and take time to talk through the "why" things are built the way they are. Join us in this episode to learn how to add Stackbit to your project as we remove the "magic" and dive more into the technical aspects.

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