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Stackbit v2 Beta

The new beta version of Stackbit is here, rebuilt with a focus on developer experience and visual editing capabilities!

🎉 The new beta version of Stackbit is here! 🎉 Take it for a spin!

We have rearchitected, redesigned, and rebuilt Stackbit, with a focus on developer experience and visual editing capabilities. While we're still early in testing this new version, we're excited to share it with you!

New Features

Stackbit v2 is a major improvement on v1. While this list is not exhaustive, here are some of the key features that come with the new Stackbit.

All-New Components

Components make creating, editing and arranging visually-rich pages quick, easy, and infinitely flexible. Our Next.js themes come packed with a rich set of React components that you can use to quickly create visually-stunning pages. Extend or duplicate these components, or even bring your own to further enhance your site.

Powerful New UI

Our visual editing application has been completely redesigned with a focus on productivity and editing experience. Our new page editor, CMS mode, code editor, and global styles tool bring more power and organization to those building web pages. And they are all flexible and extendible to fit your project's needs.

CMS Mode for Structured Content

As powerful as our visual editor is, sometimes you need to rapidly create structured objects, like products, blog posts, or tags. Our new CMS mode brings the option of a more traditional CMS structure for editing content in a familiar way.

Improved Configuration & Content Modeling

We've separated and modularized configuration and content modeling to make it easier to stay organized and focused.

Enterprise Benefits

For enterprise-level customers with an established set of tools, external CMS, component libraries, and workflows, Stackbit can seamlessly integrate into your existing stack.

Performance Improvements

And last, we've improved our API performance across the board, making the editing experience super snappy.

Handling Existing Sites

Sites previously created with Stackbit stay alive, running, and under the full ownership of the primary user. They will continue to be visually editable through Stackbit v1 until January 17, 2022. Following that, the sites will remain live and can be edited locally or through GitHub, but Stackbit v1 will no longer be operable.

Support & Feedback

Stackbit v2 is still in beta. We appreciate your patience as we fix bugs and continue to add valuable features to the application.

We're here to answer any questions you have, respond to your feedback, and to help you through the process of upgrading or getting started with v2. The best place to get support during your journey is to join our community. Or see our support page for more options.

Thank you for supporting Stackbit!

We look forward to seeing what you build.

- The Team at Stackbit