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Weekly Update #4: Empowering Your Teams With Collaborative Editing Visibility

Unleash Your Team's Collaborative Potential!

Topbar Notifications

We made getting started with Stackbit even easier through guiding you with notification suggestions if your project is missing a step. This will help you get up and running even faster and if you run into any challenges, you will be able to quickly access the area in the documentation that will help guide you.

Individual Avatars

We've introduced avatars for each member of your team, providing a clear visual representation of who made each change. These are automatically applied to anyone who is part of your team and works on the visual editor.

Upcoming Events

Join us for two exciting events in January! First, on January 11th, we'll be hosting a meetup at CFE discussing the challenges of modern CMSs. We'll provide insights on how to choose the best solution for your needs, and how to balance flexibility and productivity.

On January 12th, we're teaming up with DatoCMS for a webinar on the benefits and best practices of headless CMSs. We'll demonstrate how a headless CMS like DatoCMS allows for code and content to be updated separately, and how Stackbit can be used as an editing "head" for intuitive in-place visual editing with no added dependencies. Don't miss out on these informative and helpful events!

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