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Weekly Update #5: Updated Feature & Concept Docs, Upcoming Events & More

Improved Feature & Concept Docs To Help You Build Better.

Feature and Concept Docs Update

We just released some major updates to both our feature and concept docs. The updates will make it easier for you to navigate to specific areas you want to focus on. The concepts docs are there to provide you with knowledge of Stackbit. Think of it as a place to go for anything Stackbit related that you might not understand yet. The features docs are there to help support and enable you to build new features into your product.

Check out the Features Documentation Check out the Concepts Documentation

Upcoming Events with Retool and Contentstack

We have two exciting upcoming events with Retool and Contentstack. The Contentstack event is taking place on January 31st and will cover the benefits of going headless, best practices and also feature a demo of a project that uses both Stackbit and Contentful. The Retool event will focus on the topic of "Maximizing productivity and writing less code." This event will take place on February 2nd, stay tuned for more information on it to sign up. In the meantime, mark it down in your calendars.

New Episode Of Learning In Public

This tutorial takes a hands-on approach to learn Stackbit's core concepts using Next.js as the site framework and Contentful as the content source. If you are completely new to Stackbit, this is a good place to start to understand how we set up a project using Next.js and Contentful before even implementing Stackbit.