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Rodik Hanukaev

You can try it out right now: This button will create a new website based on our Fresh theme, Gatsby and Sanity šŸ‘‰ Create With Stackbit is a great option for developers who want a quick setup for a headless CMS that can be built upon and expanded over time. Sanity's model schemas are one of the most advanced on the market, are highly customizable and powered by flexible APIs.

Sanity's Studio is actually its own little customizable JAMstack app that deploys alongside your website and lets you manage your content from anywhere on the web. There's a selection of plugins to customize its appearance, and even add custom field types to your schema.

Faster builds

Stackbit helps you hit the ground running by pre-building Sanity Studio on your first deploy, so that your site could be live and editable in 2 minutes!

Want to customize your Sanity Studio? Just push your changes to the studio source that sits in your site's repository, and your online studio will update automagically!

In order to reduce the overhead of having an additional deployment for your studio (reducing overheads is kinda what we do here at Stackbit), we've utilized Sanity's own deploy service to build and host your studio on Sanity's convenience service. If you need more control, it's just as easy to move your studio to a host of your choice.

Integrating with Sanity

We'd like to shoutout a huge thanks to the team at Sanity for working together with us on this feature! It's amazing how even collaborating with other companies in 2019 is bleeding edge, with Slack's shared channels and the way a chat message can turn into a working oAuth integration in moments.

From left to right: @jemm1ma, @benedfit, @rodiktries, @smnh,@kmelve

If you didn't get a chance to click it yet, this button will create a new website with Sanity and based on our Fresh theme and Gatsby (feel free to try any other combination, it's super easy)

Create With Stackbit

We're very excited to announce that we've integrated another amazing CMS to our ever growing catalog! šŸŽ‰ Now, all new and existing Uniform themes can be deployed and managed with! šŸŽ‰