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Unbundling the Web: Orchestrating Jamstack Tools with Stackbit

Stackbit was recently featured on Heavybit’s Jamstack Radio. Here are some highlights.

Earlier this year, our CEO and Co-founder Ohad Eder-Pressman sat down with Brian Douglas on the Jamstack Radio podcast. They talked about the origins of Stackbit and dove into the communication chasm marketers and developers are currently facing when coordinating Static Site Generators and Headless CMS around previews and deployments.

In this interview, which is great for anyone wondering why they should get into the Jamstack, Ohad addresses the hurdles developers face to get started with Jamstack. It is hard to get started with Jamstack development. It requires you to get into the weeds and learn about a lot of different tools. But the Jamstack lets developers keep a lot of control and maintain freedom of choice. The conversation also touched on how non-developers, who typically use tools like Wix, Squarespace or WordPress, just want to see their edits, publish those changes and have fast and secure sites without worrying about build steps and platforms like GitHub or Netlify.

Ohad also goes into the philosophy of this approach: "Jamstack is an architecture, but it's also a philosophy. Let’s host most of our website content from a CDN. Let’s generate it every time we change it and not rely on servers to dynamically build for every new request. Let’s rely on microservices, APIs and use modern developer tools and workflow.”

Listen to the full talk at The Heavybit Jamstack Radio Podcast to hear more about our mission, which Ohad sums up as being the Create and Edit buttons of the Jamstack.

Stackbit CEO Ohad Eder-Pressman and Brian Douglas of Heavybit’s Jamstack Radio talk about how Stackbit’s tools help folks looking for alternatives to Wix, Squarespace and WordPress. They also discuss how we are in a new era of unbundled systems and the new coordination tools Headless CMS and Static Site Generators need.