Help Keep Your Community Informed During Quarantine

Brian Rinaldi

I am sure that I don't need to tell any of you that COVID-19 presents us with a myriad of challenges. While the most immediate and urgent are around providing medical services to those in need, there are also challenges around communicating with our community, especially in a time when normal, in-person communication isn't possible.

In an effort to assist anyone trying to convey information to the communities they serve - whether they are constituents, neighbors, customers, etc - Contentful launched an effort called to provide a free and simple site template that makes it easy to build and launch a site that provides informational updates to the community specifically around this crisis. We felt this was a worthy effort and one that it was within our power to support.

COVID-19 template

Therefore, I wanted to share that we have made updates to our site builder functionality to support a quick, one-click deploy of this template. This means that Stackbit will manage cloning the repository to your GitHub, provisioning the content space on Contentful, deploying the site to Netlify and enabling rebuilds as needed when content is added or updated. This makes launching this site as quick and effortless as possible and will hopefully allow anyone to launch it - even if they don't have prior experience with Gatsby, Contentful or Netlify.

We hope that you are and remain safe throughout this crisis and if there is anything that we at Stackbit can do to support your efforts in dealing with this crisis, don't hesitate to share with us. In an effort to help keep communities informed, Contentful created a template for COVID-19 related community updates and we have enabled this template for one-click deployment via the Stackbit site builder.