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10 of the Best Gatsby Themes

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Exploring some of the best options for free and open source Gatsby themes to help you get started on your next Gatsby Jamstack site.

One of Gatsby's strengths is in the size of its community and ecosystem of plugins. This means that there are many themes for Gatsby developers to choose from as a starting point for their new project. I listed my 10 favorites Gatsby themes below, in order of quality based on aesthetics and features like CMS support, unique capabilities, etc.

Azimuth SaaS/Business by Stackbit

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Supported CMS: Sanity, Contentful, Git

This is one of my favorite Stackbit templates. It's designed for a business like a SaaS service, for example, so it is fully featured and extremely versatile, packed with modules and feature options. It also looks great on mobile which is very important. To use this theme with Gatsby, head over to Stackbit and get started for free. From there you'll get a fully-functioning Azimuth Gatsby site in about 60 seconds, and you'll be able to easily edit it on the Stackbit Studio.

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Intro. by Wojciech Kocjan

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![Intro. theme](

Supported CMS: Git

This is a really attractive personal branding and resume template that has some interesting design features in the way that it displays skills and work history.

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Zenii by The Bakerdev

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![Zenii. theme](

Supported CMS: Contentful

A fully-featured business/services theme offering great versatility of content displays and highlights, pricing, forms and more.

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Fjord Blog by Stackbit

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Supported CMS: Sanity, DatoCMS, Contentful, NetlifyCMS, Forestry CMS, Git

Another one of my favorite Stackbit templates is this beautiful blog theme. It's a great fit for personal websites, artist showcases and portfolios, to name a few. This Gatsby theme is especially easy to use and friendly for non-developers, so you can invite collaborators to join your site and add their content independently. To create this Fjord Gatsby site, go to Stackbit and generate a new Jamstack site. Within about a minute you'll be inside the Stackbit Studio, ready to start editing.

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Foundation by Stackrole

![Foundation Jamstack theme](

Supported CMS: Netlify CMS

This is a personal website and blog theme that is simple and clean. It supports a one-click deployment to Netlify and is well documented, both in terms of installation and use.

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Gatsby Dev Blog by Ryan Fitzgerald

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![Gatsby Dev Blog](

Supported CMS: Netlify CMS

A clean, bright, hyper customizable blogging theme designed with developers in mind. Great for showcasing processes, thoughts, code, and more.

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Novela by Narative

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Supported CMS: Contentful

A creative and eye catching portfolio or blogging site intended for artists, photographers or writers. Featuring a choice between blog-like list or tiled arrangement, as well as light or dark mode.

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Gatsby Agency Portfolio by Cosmic.js

![Gatsby Agency Portfolio](

Supported CMS: Cosmic.js

A nice template for an agency focused on a list of clients and a portfolio of projects. Has a one-click deploy to Netlify and is well-documented.

OneShopper by Rohit Gupta


Supported CMS: Contentful

Pretty much everything you need from a starter design for a fully-featured ecommerce site. The ecommerce functionality uses Snipcart.

MyClicks by Himali Patel


Supported CMS: Contentful

This is specifically a portfolio site for photographers that uses a Contentful backend. It offers one-click deploy to Netlify.

More Jamstack Themes

Didn't find what you were looking for? No worries. As of this writing, there are 257 Gatsby themes listed on the Jamstack Themes site, which is the most comprehensive resource for themes across all Jamstack tools. There you can filter Jamstack themes by CMS, Static Site Generator, and more. Alternatively, head over to Stackbit to choose from our collection and build your Jamstack website in 60 seconds or less.

Exploring some of the best options for free and open source Gatsby themes to help you get started on your next Gatsby Jamstack site.