When we started Stackbit we built Unibit as an internal tool that enabled us create a theme once and compile it to a site powered by different static site generators (SSG). When you create a new site on Stackbit using a Unibit theme you can pick any of the target SSGs, Stackbit will generate a site powered by the selected SSG. Unibit themes can currently be converted into Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby and Next.js sites.

Unibit Diagram
Note: Unibit is in Beta and support is limited.

To create sites with Stackbit, you don't have to use Unibit themes. You can create a site using an SSG-specific theme. For example, you can use an existing Jekyll theme to create a Jekyll powered site.

Unibit Docs

In order for Stackbit to correctly convert a Unibit theme into an SSG-specific site, the Unibit theme must adhere to rules described in the following sections: