A superset of static site generators that converts to any of them.

One theme codebase converts to multiple Static Site Generators

One theme codebase converts to multiple Static Site Generators

Unibit's powerful transpiling engine enables you to write once and stay Static Site Generator agnostic. Themes will automatically work with new generators as they are added.

Documentation, examples and the open source Unibit CLI

Documentation, examples and the open source Unibit CLI

We've provided plenty of documentation and examples to help you get started with Unibit themes. The Static Site Generator component of Unibit is open source and available as a CLI tool via npm.

Develop locally or in CodeSandbox

Develop locally or in CodeSandbox

Setup your local Unibit development environment in a few easy steps, if you've ever used a Static Site Generator you will feel right at home. Additionally you can start tinkering with our starter Themes right away in CodeSandbox.

Starter Theme Repos

Azimuth - A super sleek SaaS theme

Exto - A portfolio theme with a blog

Fjord - A minimal blogging theme

Fresh - A personal theme with a blog


What static site generators can Unibit convert to?

Unibit is starting with support for converting to Jekyll, Hugo & Gatsby with more SSGs coming soon.

What's the difference between Unibit and <Enter name of static site generator>?

Unibit is a superset of existing static site generators, it was initially built as an internal tool for developing Stackbit starter themes and when we realized how powerful it was we decided to make the spec and site generator open source.

What's the schedule for open sourcing?

We have released the Unibit CLI as a public repo which contains minified code because we're still doing some refactoring. We plan to release the clean code sometime late July 2019.

When should I use Unibit?

Unibit is a great fit for when you want to build a theme once and have it be available for people to use in a variety of different SSGs. A classic example would be you are a theme developer and want to sell Hugo/Jekyll/Gatsby/etc versions of the same theme - with Unibit you could write that theme just once.

When shouldn't I use Unibit?

Unibit is helpful when you want to code once and have your theme transpile to multiple different target static site generators. If you're set on a specific stack then skip Unibit and go directly to Uniform to easily integrate any theme with modern headless CMS.

Why doesn't Unibit have feature X?

Unibit is still a pretty young project so some things will naturally be missing. If you think a certain feature could be useful please drop us a line.

When are you adding <enter name of static site generator> as a conversion target?

We're working on adding conversion targets all the time. If there's a particular SSG you're looking for please drop us a line.

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