The product manager's website collaboration tool.

With Stackbit you can keep marketers and developers doing their best work, and making impact with minimal co-dependencies.

Are you or your marketers blocked by engineering dependencies?

Working on a modern tech stack usually means non-technical content editors are either dependent on developers support or forced to work with cumbersome interfaces. With Stackbit everyone can edit and work on the site completely independently.

CTO and Engineer Approved.

Keep engineers focused on the core business while knowing editors have guardrails to prevent the site from breaking. If they ever need to step in, this is the tech stack and tools they would have chosen to use in the first place.

Get started in minutes without compromising on the technology stack.

Moving fast is critical. And moving fast while making the right choices is essential. Get a fast, secure, and modern site you can easily edit today and not have to re-platform in the future.

Case Study


"Stackbit saved us at a very crucial time. We have very limited resources and engineering time on our core product is so valuable."

"Since then, our team is publishing content again, and it's taking minutes instead of many hours. We can focus on the message and not on replicating design. It is exactly how content publishing should be."

"From a tech perspective, we're also much more comfortable understanding we have full control over the content and are not vendor locked."


James DiPadua, co-founder and CTO

How to Get Started

Keep my existing site

If your site uses the Jamstack already, simply import your site here. If not, no worries. Schedule a call and we'll help make the transition easy.

Build a new site

If you want to get a site up quickly, pick from one of our themes, click Create Site, and start editing. If you're looking to build a custom site, but are unsure where to start, schedule a call and we'll help you get started.