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TypeScript Starter

Type-safe code and a dynamic layout with configurable sections, header and footer. Using MUI v5 components.

Next.jsTypeScriptMUIGit content
Next.js iconMaterial UI iconGit content
Get Started
npx create-stackbit-app --starter ts-nextjs

JavaScript Starter

The quickest way to spin up a new Stackbit-enabled website on a modern stack. Then, follow our tutorial to learn more.

Next.jsVanilla CSSGit content
Next.js iconCSSGit content
Get Started
npx create-stackbit-app

Contentful CMS Starter

Simple Stackbit + Contentful starter with a content model and sample content.

Next.jsVanilla CSSContentful
Next.js iconCSSContentful icon
npx create-stackbit-app --starter contentful

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