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Migrate from a proprietary service to an open stack - own your content and control how its displayed, shared & monetized.

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What are people saying?

  • Data portability
  • Fast, Scalable and Free/Affordable
  • Built for the modern web

How it works

Move your blog to a modern architecture you control and own.

You may have noticed the recent movement of people looking to get off Medium. Most of us are motivated by a desire to own our content, have data portability and get more control over how/where our content is displayed and monetized. Most importantly many of us consider our blog/site to be a core part of our online identity and while Medium offers a fantastic writing experience it sacrifices other important values. Luckily there's a modern approach to running your blog which aligns with these ideals, its called the JAMstack and its all around us.

Own your data by storing it in a git repo and/or managing it with a Headless CMS, continuously integrate and deploy your website using Netlify and get a design and a website provisioned in 60 seconds with Stackbit. You can easily get by with free usage tiers or pay a reasonable fee for a higher level of service. Most importantly you control your data, how it's deployed and where it's used and you can always switch services without any sacrifice.

  1. Import your medium blog

    Import Your Medium Blog

    Luckily enough Medium has an export tool and we've done everything we can to make our importer support all the edge cases. For now Medium doesn't export (or endorse the scraping of) comments and we don't import drafts.
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    Pick Your Stack

    This is the easy part - pick a blog theme, a Static Site Generator (Gatsby is popular) and a CMS (they all have free plans).
  3. Import your medium blog

    Voilà! It’s live 🎉

    We stand corrected, this is the easy part. If you're new to the JAMstack we encourage you play with the CMS you chose, everything has been wired for you behind the scenes.

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  2. Export your blog as a .zip file

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