Better Sites, Your Way

Stackbit unlocks the power of Jamstack sites for marketers. Get fast, SEO-friendly, powerful sites without having to constantly bug a developer for updates.

Works with:
GitHub logoNetlify logoGatsby logoNext.js logoContentful logoSanity logoJekyll logoHugo logoand many more

What is Stackbit?

The easiest, most sophisticated way to produce modern websites using the Jamstack.

  • Bring your own site or create a new one

    Bring your own site or create a new one

  • Collaborate with live editing and previews

    Collaborate with live editing and previews

  • Now anyone can make the web, better

    Now anyone can make the web, better

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Is Stackbit Right for My Team?

If your marketing team updates your website, posts blog entries, or creates landing pages for performance campaigns — we've got you. Stackbit provides an editing experience that enables marketers to build, edit, and maintain sites on the Jamstack, without writing a single line of code.

  • Go ahead, make your changes

    You don’t need developer buy-in for simple edits and updates, or even major ones. Stackbit makes flexible, powerful Jamstack sites a reality, today.

  • A marketer’s dream platform

    Inline editing, live previews, collaboration, granular publishing, and more. Jamstack sites are the fastest ones on the web, earning you SEO points on both desktop and mobile speed tests.

  • Say goodbye to old, struggling software

    Stackbit sites are fully featured, and you won’t miss your janky WordPress plugins. Get an intuitive editing experience, landing page creation, easy image and text updates, mobile previews, collaboration tools, and more — right out of the box.

  • Yes, Jamstack sites can do that

    SEO on the Jamstack? That’s right, you can. Don’t worry about walled gardens and hacky workarounds. You can update your meta titles, descriptions, social-media sharing preferences and ALT tags straight from Stackbit — no developer bugging needed.