How it Works

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Stackbit helps you make the web, better.

Under the Hood

Whether you're a developer trying to get started on the Jamstack, a marketer looking to leverage modern web tech, or an agency developer eager to get clients off of their old, legacy systems, Stackbit is for you.

We make creating, updating, and collaborating on Jamstack sites as easy as point and click. Stackbit handles all the details for you behind the scenes so your site can be more powerful, and you can be free to focus on your work.

  • When you want to...

    Create a new Jamstack site

    Stackbit connects and provisions your choice of static site generator, headless CMS and deployment platform to get your website up and running in 60 seconds

  • When you want to...

    Easily edit your website

    Stackbit gives you a Studio experience that incorporates a live preview, inline editing, and more, without you having to write a single line of code

  • When you want to...

    A/B test on the Jamstack without a developer

    Stackbit saves you multiple developer days by empowering you to set up, edit and publish variants with a few clicks

  • When you want to...

    Collaborate with your team

    Stackbit invites developers, marketers, content editors and stakeholders to work in concert on code, content and a flexible publishing workflow

Use your Jamstack site as is, and keep it yours forever.

Stackbit doesn't require you to make a ton of changes to your Jamstack site to enable it with all of the cutting edge functionality you're looking for.

And even better than that, once your site is Stackbit enabled, you can take it with you wherever you want. There's no lock-in because Stackbit isn't a walled garden — we believe in an open ecosystem.

Is Stackbit Right for Me?

If you build websites, we certainly think so! We’ve put together some materials to help our core audiences get the most out of Stackbit and the Jamstack.

  • For Agencies & Freelancers

    If you create websites for a living, you know how challenging it can be to hand off a site and trust that your client can rely on it. Stackbit takes that a step further — your clients will love updating their site with our inline editor and collaborating with their internal stakeholders.

    Stackbit for Agencies & Freelancers
  • For Marketers

    Deploy marketing sites, internal facing pages, single page apps, and more on the Jamstack while giving your stakeholders the best possible editing, feature testing and mobile experience. Marketers can now yield the power of the Jamstack without learning how to code.

    Stackbit for Marketers
  • For Any Developer

    If you've spent some time working with the Jamstack, you know how frustrating it can be to glue everything together. Maybe you've wondered if advanced features like live previews and A/B testing are even possible. Choose one of our starter themes or import your own, to see how it all fits together with Stackbit.

    Try it Out
  • If You’re New to the Jamstack

    Stackbit makes it dead simple to start using the best technology of the web, known and loved as the Jamstack. If your journey is just beginning, we can help — our docs site and blog are constantly updated with guides and helpful how-tos. Simply pick a theme and start playing around with the features in our Studio.

    Select a Theme