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It all starts with a conversation. We listen as you tell us your needs, budget, and timeline. If there's a fit, we introduce you to our trusted partners. They build you a Jamstack website your team can manage independently at a price that's right for you.

How the Jamstack Empowers Your Business

The Jamstack is a set of tools that are revolutionizing website performance. Together they make websites:

Way Faster

Jamstack websites are up to 10X faster than other websites. Why? They don't query a database each time a page loads. Instead, site assets are pre-built and served via thousands of little servers that live close to end-users called a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

More Secure

73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are open to vulnerabilities. With the Jamstack, no databases, plugins, or dynamic software are running on your server, so the potential for code injections and hacks are reduced enormously.

Viral Friendly

If your business suddenly goes viral and has many active users, your Jamstack site won't crash. When this happens your site will activate all the untapped servers in its CDN enabling your site to stay up when it matters most.

Infinitely Scalable

No matter if you're making your first dollar or billionth, you can scale with a Jamstack website. How is this possible? Simply put, each core functionality of a Jamstack site is an independent module. Because there are fewer dependencies you get the best features for every part of a website.

Wonder if a Jamstack site can help your business grow?

How Stackbit Empowers Your Business

Stackbit is a visual website editor. Our point-and-click tools empower you to manage your Jamstack website independently.

Visual Editing Experience

With most Jamstack sites, because each core website functionality is separate, you're forced to make updates from a separate platform called a Headless CMS. With Stackbit, you can update text, swap images, add components, preview your changes, and more visually on your site.

Advanced Tooling

With Stackbit, your visual editing experience is packed with advanced tools like a live preview, SEO, collaborators, scheduled publishing and more. All this can be managed without depending on a developer.

Perfect for SMBs & Enterprises

Stackbit empowers nontechnical folks with the tools to independently edit their Jamstack website. So no matter how your business and website grow, you can control your site independently of engineering help.

Is a Jamstack site with Stackbit's visual editor right for you?

Jamstack developers for hire

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