npm install -g @stackbit/unibit

Unibit CLI Commands

unibit build

unibit build

Build a Unibit site. This compiles the Unibit site into a production ready static site, by default placed into the public folder of the current working directory.



The directory of the Unibit source files to build.

  • Default: current working directory
unibit build --input-dir . --output-dir dist


Target directory the compiled files will be built into.

  • Default: ./public - ie directory called public in the current working directory.


Include the Stackbit theme banner. You must define additional properties in the stackbit.yaml to use the banner.

  • Default: false


Force generate ugly urls

  • Default: false - When this flag is missing, Unibit generates pretty URLs by default, unless uglyUrls defined in config.yaml.

unibit develop

unibit develop

Start a local Unibit development server. Serves on http://localhost:5000

unibit init

unibit init

Creates a new starter site in the current directory. By default it creates a new directory called unibit-universal

Optional Arguments


Initializes new starter site in the provided directory

unibit init mynewsite