All of our Stackbit theme demos have a banner on the top which provides a link to the themes public Github repo and a button which links to the Stackbit importer which automatically creates a new Stackbit project using the provided theme.

If you like, you can add this banner to your own Unibit themes.

The Stackbit banner is built into the Unibit CLI. You can add this banner to your own Unibit theme by adding a few lines to the stackbit.yaml

  show_banner: true
  name: Fjord
  create_url: ''
  github_url: ''

The next time you run unibit build the theme banner will be visible.

The banner does not carry over to converted sites. For example if someone imports your theme into stackbit and converts it to Hugo and deploys their site to Netlify, the theme banner will not copy over nor will it display.

stackbit_banner is an object with the following properties.


  • Example value: false
  • Allowed values: true|false
  • Default value: false
  • Required: true


  • Example value: "Fjord"
  • Allowed values: string
  • Default value: ""
  • Required: false


The createurl must link to the [Stackbit Theme Importer](/custom-themes/#2importthetheme) with your theme's Github repo URL passed as a parameter. This will create a button in the theme banner that says "Create With Stackbit"


Provide a link back to your theme's Github Repo. This will create a button in the theme banner which links to your Github repo.