General site configuration

  • title - site title, accessible in layouts and components through site.title
  • baseUrl - base url used to prefix urls when relative_url filter is used.
  • params - user defined parameters accessible through site.params
  • menus - global menu items. Read the Menus page for detailed options.
  • sass - SCSS configuration. Read the SASS page for detailed options.
baseurl: "/"
title: "Universal"
  logo_img: "images/logo.svg"
  footer_link: ""
  show_social_media_links: true
    - identifier: home
      weight: 1
      url: /
      title: Home
    - identifier: features
      weight: 2
      url: features
        title: Features
    - identifier: terms
      weight: 1
      url: terms.html
      title: Terms and Conditions
  input_file: sass/main.scss.njk
  output_file: assets/css/main.css
  indentWidth: 4
  outputStyle: nested
  precision: 10

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