Here are some examples of themes built on different static site generators. Each theme contains a stackbit.yaml file and can be used with Stackbit to instantly deploy a CMS-powered website.


Planty - An e-commerce ready theme using Unibit, powered by Snipcart


Gridsome Starter Blog - A simple, hackable & minimalistic starter for Gridsome


Eleventy Base Blog - A starter repository for a blog web site using Eleventy


Vuepress Casper Theme - The default Ghost theme ported to Vuepress


Hugo Serif - Serif is a modern business theme for Hugo.

Hugo Jane - A readable & concise theme for Hugo

Minimal Bootstrap Hugo Theme - A minimal hugo theme made with bootstrap


Alembic - A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website.

Scriptor - Scriptor is a simple, minimal, clean & responsive Jekyll theme for writers.


Fjord - A minimal Unibit blogging theme (Made by Stackbit)

Exto - A Unibit portfolio theme with a blog (Made by Stackbit)

Azimuth - A Unibit product/saas theme (Made by Stackbit)

Awesome List - Creating a site with a directory of websites.

Stackbit Themes

Stackbit themes are built using Unibit, which is an experimental SSG that transpiles into other SSGs. All of the themes available in the Stackbit app are available on our Github - but the source code is for the Unibit SSG.

You can generate the source code for a Stackbit theme in a particular SSG. Launch Stackbit and select a theme and an ssg. Create the site and the code will be generated in your own Github account. There you can examine the stackbit.yaml.

Have a Uniform theme that's not on the list? Let us know, email or on twitter @ausrobdev

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