Stackbit users are able to deploy their Jamstack site to multiple platforms, including DigitalOcean. Stackbit's partnership with DigitalOcean allows users to use DigitalOcean’s App Platform for deploying their static sites using their DigitalOcean accounts.


To deploy a Jamstack site created with Stackbit to DigitalOcean, you will need:

Step 1: Create a site with Stackbit

To create a site with Stackbit and deploy it to DigitalOcean you need to first log into your Stackbit account, create a new project, and change the deployment option to DigitalOcean.

Step 2: DigitalOcean authorization

Click the ‘Connect’ button.

Stackbit Summary Page. DigitalOcean connection

You will be redirected to the DigitalOcean Authorization page where you’ll be prompted to allow Stackbit to access your DigitialOcean account.

Stackbit Authentication with DigitalOcean

Step 3: Install DigitalOcean’s GitHub app

After connecting your DigitalOcean account with Stackbit, make sure you have the DigitalOcean’s Github Application installed.

You can install it by clicking the “Install” button or just go here.

Stackbit Summary Page. DigitalOcean connection. Install Github Application

Then you will be redirected to a GitHub page to accept the installation.

DigitalOcean GitHub Application Installation Confirmation

Step 4: Finish creating your site

Once you’ve installed DigitalOcean’s Github Application, you will be redirected to the DigitalOcean page. Return to the Stackbit Summary Page and click the “Create Site” button.

Stackbit Summary Page. Create Site and Deploy to DigitalOcean

In approximately 60 seconds, you will have your site deployed to DigitalOcean and enabled with Stackbit Studio’s capabilities to manage your site.

Stackbit Summary Page. Create Site and Deploy to DigitalOcean


  1. Make sure sure you have connected your Stackbit account to GitHub by installing Stackbit’s Github Application. It’s easy to detect if you don’t have it installed; Stackbit will ask you via the interface.

Note: In order to avoid mismatches in permissions on GitHub and deploy your site successfully, make sure you have installed both the DigitalOcean and the Stackbit GitHub applications.

Stackbit Summary Page. Install Stackbit GitHub Application

  1. Right now we support only Git CMS as an option. We are aiming to add support for additional CMS options soon.

Stackbit CMS selection Page