Sanity has a slug type. In Sanity, you'd define this in /schemas/schema.js. A basic implementation would like like this simple blog post schema below:

  title: "Blog",
  name: "blog",
  type: "document",
  fields: [
      title: "Title",
      name: "title",
      type: "string"
      title: "Slug",
      name: "slug",
      type: "slug",
      options: {
        source: "title"
      title: "Body",
      name: "body",
      type: "text"

The source option defines what field Sanity will use to generate the slug. As you can see below, the slug isn't auto-generated from the title field, but, instead, will generate when a user clicks on the "generate" button.

Generating a slug in Sanity

Sanity also provides a number of different customization options. For example, the slugify option lets you specify a custom function for converting the source into a slug and the isUnique option lets you supply a custom function to determine if the slug value is unique. For more details on those, check out Sanity's documentation.

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