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Logo Assets & Guidance

Stackbit Logo

We are proud of our logo, and we require that you follow these guidelines to ensure it always acts and behaves the same. Our logo is the combination of a modern monogram and simple wordmark. While the monogram can exist without the wordmark, the wordmark should never exist without the monogram.

Stackbit LogoDownload svg

Stackbit Logo lightDownload svg

Stackbit monogramDownload svg

Stackbit Colors

  • RGB 32, 123, 234
  • #207BEA
Dark Grey
  • RGB 39, 43, 52
  • #272B34

Secondary colours

Our secondary color palette is used to highlight various elements appropriate to the context.

  • RGB 18, 182, 94
  • #12B65E
  • RGB 237, 155, 12
  • #DF8E00
  • RGB 113, 126, 141
  • #717E8D

Spacing guidelines

These diagrams below give a general indication of how much spacing is needed to ensure that the logo and monogram aren't bumping up against other elements.

Stackbit Logo spacing guidelines

Logo Misuse

Please help us maintain the integrity of the Stackbit logo and promote the consistency of the brand by not misusing it.

Logo without the monogramDo not use the wordmark without the monogram or the tagline

Logo with unapproved color combinationDo not use unapproved color combinations

Unapproved logo layoutDo not use unapproved logo layout

Stackbit In Press

Intro to Stackbit: Build a Custom JAMstack in Minutes

If this is your first time hearing about Stackbit, don’t worry, it’s pretty new. In fact, it’s still in beta at this point. But it’s our prediction that you’ll soon be hearing a lot more about Stackbit, so we think it’s important to get familiar with it as early as possible.

How to create a JAMstack site in minutes with Stackbit

How long does it take to deploy a JAMstack site from scratch? For those used to work with WordPress and other monolithic architectures, adapting to a completely different way of doing things could represent a time-consuming challenge.

What People Are Saying

Jonny Goodwin@Jonny_Goodwin

@stackbit allows you to easily deploy a static site backed with a CMS. Amazing service.

Mike Stopford@MikeStopford1

If setting up and deploying a #JAMStack website feels like a lot of work, check out @stackbit. 5 minutes and you’re good to go. Thanks to @syntaxfm for that knowledge.

Abigail Rumsey@Abbie2020

👩‍💻Tbh, creating, hosting and deploying a React website is quite daunting when you're fairly new to the #JamStack. Then I stumbled across @stackbit and I've got the beginnings of a site ready to go in 5 minutes!

Derek Gilbert@DerekAGilbert

Using @stackbit for the first time after getting into the beta. This is a game changer everyone. #JamStack