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Migrate your Medium blog to a modern JAMstack site with Stackbit

We're glad to announce the release of our Medium importer - create a modern JAMstack website from an existing Medium blog.

Why are some people leaving Medium

Medium offers a fantastic writing experience; however, you may have noticed a growing trend of folks looking to move over to more open stacks where they can have full control of their content and how its displayed/shared/monetized. It's part data ownership and portability, part people realizing how their site/blog is core to their online identity and them wanting more control over it which is awesome. What's really great is that the modern web is evolving in a way that gives people the ability to separate content/editing from presentation and publishing. You don't have to give up control of your content, limit yourself to publishing on a specific domain or avoid styling your online persona the way you like.

Stackbit and the JAMstack

Stackbit enables people to create modern JAMstack sites in 60 seconds by offering themes and handling all the provisioning/wiring. Now with the Medium importer you can go from a Medium blog to your own Gatsby site on Netlify with a CMS back-end, or any other combination thereof in about a minute. We're also beta testing three new Stackbit themes which offer a clean and functional starting point for blogs. We should be ready to incorporate the new themes into the main Stackbit flow next week, you can expect a blog post with some background on why and how we decided to create them. In the mean time here are some screenshots of Fjord, Ampersand and Fresh:




Import your Medium blog today or start a new blog on Stackbit.