We're excited to announce a nifty little shortcut for creating new Jamstack sites: here's jamstack.new.

Introducing jamstack.new

A couple of months ago, our friends at CodeSandbox announced a cool set of domains that allow anyone to instantly create a project with a specific stack.

Off the back of this announcement, Dave Darnes floated the idea of having a .new domain as a launchpad for the Jamstack. This made me go frantically check whether a very special keyword had already been taken โ€“ to my absolute surprise, jamstack.new was still available. We had to get it!

I shared this in our company Slack, pitching it in a very calm matter. It's just a domain, after all. I do NOT get overly excited about domain names.

Screenshot of the Stackbit Slack

Sure enough, we got the domain and we're putting it to good use. Do you need a new Jamstack site? Simple! Head to jamstack.new. ๐ŸŒˆ

Choose your flavor

We built this as a tool for the community to use. You don't need to memorize the right combinations of tools to pick or the install commands needed to get them working โ€“ your next site is just one catchy URL away.

If you have a solid idea about what you want to build or what tools you want to build it with, we have that covered too. Do you need a jamstack.new/blog or a jamstack.new/portfolio, using jamstack.new/gatsby or jamstack.new/hugo, powered by jamstack.new/contentful or jamstack.new/git? Your choice.

Regardless of what you pick, there's a fully-configured Jamstack site waiting for you on the other side, with a complete editing experience powered by Stackbit Studio.

Check all the available combinations at https://jamstack.new/info. We're constantly working on adding more, so if your favorite tool isn't supported yet, please let us know.