Introducing Three New Stackbit Starter Themes

Simon Hanukaev

The Breakdown

We've created three new clean, minimalistic Stackbit themes which are ideally suited for personal sites and blogs. You may have noticed these themes last week when trying the new Medium Importer as they were being tested there. Starting today the new themes are available in the main Stackbit flow and like all other themes can be used with with any combination of CMS and SSGs of your choice.

Fjord - Minimal blog

Taking inspiration from travel and nature, Fjord is a cleanly designed blog theme that can showcase beautiful and expansive photos. Fear not if photos are not your primary focus, it can easily adapt - removing the side bar image simply leaves a clean and pleasant dark background that contrasts your content pages.

Preview Fjord - Create with Stackbit

All starter themes provide an abundance of configurability via your CMS, for example Fjord allows you to set the accent color to one of four presets.

Ampersand - Magazine style blog

Borrowing from leisure, fashion, architecture and lifestyle magazines, Ampersand presents its highlighted content on the home page, instantly allowing visitors to take in an overview of your blog.

Preview Ampersand - Create with Stackbit

You can adjust the color palette from the CMS, as well switch between grid and list views for the homepage.

Fresh - Personal site

Fresh enables people to create personal sites that focus on their online personas and content while maintaining a crisp design that can be easily adjusted and customized.

Preview Fresh - Create with Stackbit

To get you started, Fresh has similar controls to the first two themes, adding the ability to change the left column to a light background, as well as allowing for larger in-line images for extra emphasis.

What Themes Would You Like to See Next?

We're working on enabling you to bring your own themes into Stackbit while we release a clean set of starters. Is there a particular theme you'd like to see? Let us know. Following popular demand, we've added three new themes focused on personal sites, and blogs, all with minimal and clean design.