Stackbit vs. Wix: Stackbit is a powerful Wix alternative where you own your content and easily edit it. Here’s how Stackbit and Wix compare to one another.

Almost 4 million websites are powered by Wix. Its easy-to-use, all-in-one site builder requires no previous technical knowledge, but this convenience ultimately comes at a cost. Wix sites present many limitations for both developers and business owners. When sites are developed for small businesses, its website’s purpose is to draw in more customers. As a business grows, it’s going to need more pages, more bandwidth, and more space, so it’s important to plan for the future. While Wix is attractive for its WYSIWYG site builder, you get limited functionality — and Wix won’t let you export any of your site’s data. That means that when a business grows out of a Wix site, it’s out of luck. 

That’s why so many website developers and designers are making the move to Jamstack, an independent way to build a website that allows you full control over the tools you use to build it. However, Jamstack sites have a handful of moving parts that non-developers may not be comfortable using. Enter Stackbit: a platform that makes the Jamstack architecture less intimidating. 

What is Stackbit?

Stackbit is the visual website editor for real businesses. If you're a developer, we make it easy to add Stackbit to your existing website and integrate with your stack, updating your tools behind the scenes while the website is edited. Stackbit also recognizes your website’s content model and helps you complete a content schema that will provide the right access to editors of your Jamstack site. 

Stackbit is the complete platform for the Jamstack, and we take pride in remaining brand-agnostic. We make the Jamstack accessible to everyone by making it easy to connect your choice of Jamstack ecosystem tools, providing you with the infrastructure that supports both speed and security. Stackbit’s Site Builder brings together your static site generator (SSG), headless CMS, and deployment tools, helping you to create scalable, speedy, and secure Jamstack sites. Stackbit Studio allows you (and your clients) to add or edit content to a site without coding and the risk of inadvertently taking down the site. To learn more about Jamstack’s advantages over sites built using Wix, read on. 

What are the advantages of Jamstack sites over sites built with Wix?

There are many reasons why Jamstack sites are a great alternative to Wix. There’s no technical upkeep or maintenance required with a Wix site, but that also means that developers have significantly less freedom to make critical decisions about your site’s performance. Likewise, Wix’s drag-and-drop frontend page builder makes it easy to create mobile-friendly websites, but you are required to put work into refining your mobile site’s design to make it responsive. And for responsive sites, you’re limited to the Wix platform since the only way you can make your site automatically responsive is to use Wix components.

Now let’s talk about the cost of Wix. While Wix does offer a free plan, it forces you to carry Wix branding at the very top of the page, an element that detracts from your site’s overall design. If your site needs basic ecommerce abilities, you’re looking at a minimum monthly fee of $27. Wix isn’t recommended for much more than basic ecommerce either, so if your site needs additional functionality to support a larger online store, Wix won’t be your best option. Plus, many of the slickest design components such as animation and parallax effects are limited to the Wix plugins available — often for an additional monthly fee. These extras add up fast, and in the end, you just don’t get the flexibility of making your site exactly how you want it. 

Jamstack sites deliver exceptional speed, security, and ease of use because the building blocks of the website aren’t tied to the end product. Jamstack sites give developers the ability to choose their tools and manually set up an environment without locking them into the limitations of a closed CMS like Wix. While this provides developers with a lot of freedom, the choices to be made can be intimidating to those with less experience. If you’re interested in getting more details about how Stackbit and the Jamstack work on the development side, take a look at Stackbit’s documentation

How does Stackbit make Jamstack sites accessible for all?

For business owners, marketers, or agency settings, a traditional CMS that offers a WYSIWYG site builder may seem like an attractive solution. It’s essential to offer stakeholders and clients (who may have little or no development experience) an easy, intuitive way to make edits to their site. Stackbit makes Jamstack sites accessible to those without web development knowledge by giving clients a way to edit a site without ever having to work with code. Stackbit has a front-end WYSIWYG editing tool that lets clients handle simple editing and content management on their schedule. If you’re building your own site, Stackbit’s Site Builder helps you choose a headless CMS, SSG (or static site generator), and your deployment tools to create a Jamstack site in 60 seconds or less, allowing you to concentrate on your business. 

If you’re a freelance developer or managing web development in an agency setting, Stackbit Studio allows your clients to update their site without affecting the site’s architecture. This protects your client’s uptime experience, meaning you won’t get calls at all hours from clients who have accidentally taken their site down. Managing your web development with Stackbit helps to keep your clients within budget and free up your development team’s time. Stackbit provides an easy-to-use interface for clients without sacrificing any of the benefits of Jamstack’s functionality or web development freedom. In addition to modular front-end editing, Stackbit also features:

  • Collaborative tools
  • Live previews
  • Sharing unpublished pages
  • Built-in responsiveness for mobile devices
  • SEO toolbox to easily add metadata, alt tags, and define social-media sharing elements on any webpage.
  • Customize an available theme or import your own
  • Developer tools

Stackbit vs. Wix: The Bottom Line

Jamstack sites built with Stackbit are a great alternative to Wix. Jamstack offers unlimited functional opportunities and can scale up as needed — perfect for a growing business. And unlike Wix, Stackbit believes in letting your site be your site, and won’t force it’s branding onto your page. When you manage your sites with Stackbit, you get front-end functionality without giving up control on the back end. Because all of your site’s data lives in your repository account, you always own your code. And it’s easy for clients to leverage our user-friendly editing interface, making Jamstack websites (and their many advantages) accessible for anyone, whether they’re dev-savvy or not. If you’re interested in exploring Stackbit, let us show you how we can help you make the web, better.